UX / Interaction designer ∙ 1 year and 3 months

Product Design System & Product improvement

Set-up a design system, and improve and extend existing products.

Worked with

  • Product lead UX
  • UX designers
  • Visual designer
  • Product owners
  • Several development teams


  • Design components in Figma
  • Customer journeys
  • Interaction flows
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • User interviews
  • Prototyping in Figma
  • Detailed designs in Figma


First set of components and guidelines for the design system, inventory of user needs for requesting medical microbiological research, and an upgrade of the sections of the platform where users can manage their healthcare products and organisation information.

The story

ZorgDomein is a medical tech company that provides smart digital solutions to facilitate communication between health care providers. More than 90% of all Dutch general practitioners use ZorgDomein, almost all hospitals and more and more local healthcare providers. Zorgdomein aims to offer the best match between those who request healthcare and those who provide it. To do so, ZorgDomein wants to improve the usability and overall user experience of their platform.

Design system

To embed UX design in the product development process, I worked together with a small team of UX designers, a visual designer and a front-end developer to create a set of components and guidelines for the interface. We collaborated extensively in Figma to make the first set of design components, applying them straight in the new designs of the platform and iterating them along the way. I described our process in detail in my presentation on 'Getting a Design System off the ground in Figma' for a Ladies that UX Amsterdam meetup.

ZorgDomein presentation

User research

ZorgDomein enables healthcare referrers to make a medical microbiological research request. To improve the flow for making this request I lead a set of inside-company workshops and interviews with general practitioners to gather user needs. With those user needs the product owner and strategic board could make more informed decisions on what improvements to focus on.

Interaction design

ZorgDomein wants to upgrade the look and feel of their existing products and add new products to their platform. Also ZorgDomein is transforming to a more self-service platform in which users can manage their own products and settings. To improve the settings section I worked together with the product owner to decide on the necessary improvements. I created detailed designs and worked together with the development team to implement the designs. And together with the product owner we tested the designs with healthcare providers.