Heleen Boland,
Freelance UX / Interaction designer

Helps operationalize your UX vision & strategy and create your next generation of customer centric products.

If you want to know how I can help you, please get in touch.

+31 6 23 11 10 94


Are you looking for someone to design the interfaces of your online products and services? Someone to bring the design process to your product development teams? Or someone to initiate and spread design thinking throughout your organization?

As an experienced UX professional I can help you with:

Discovering user requirements and designing interfaces

Mapping user needs can help you discover new business opportunities and gaps. I simplify complex services by breaking them down and modeling them using a user centric perspective. And I make those products and services tangible with wireframes and prototypes to inspire teams and specify user interfaces.

Facilitating interdisciplinary teamwork

Design can be the glue between different disciplines, because it makes ideas tangible and discussable. Moreover, the design process can give teams focus and is motivating and rewarding for all those involved. I coordinate design processes that involve all stakeholders and developers and bridge the gap between all disciplines involved such as business, marketing and IT.

Introducing, maintaining and/or extending your design system

I help you establish and evangelize a UX design process and framework that enables your teams to build products and services better and faster. This makes product design in your organization more predictable, reliable and scalable.

See some of my work

"... a solid and methodical designer who is able to understand very complex applications and translate these to clear and consistent design."Lammert Postma, UX teamlead
"Heleen her honesty in relations and 'people skills' are truly unique and helped us in many occasions."Casper Honijk, ICT Business Analyst

What 14 years UX design has taught me

The world excites me because it can be viewed from as many different perspectives as there are people. In trying to understand its way of working and add something to it, I learned to focus on context to achieve great outcome. Therefore I aspire to co-create work spaces and living spaces where needs and solutions emerge from different perspectives and where there is room for unexpected outcomes.

I am observative, inquisitive, analytical, creative, a problem-solver and a true team-player.