Lead UX designer for claims management in an international team ∙ 1 year

Online claims management

Analyse and design online services for claims management.

Worked with

Program manager, UX designers, business analists and developers in an international team.


  • Workshops with stakeholders
  • Customer journeys
  • Service blueprints in Omnigraffle
  • Flow designs in Omnigraffle
  • Interface designs in Omnigraffle and Axure
  • Applying and extending styleguide components


Designs and partial implementations of SAP Fiori policy management and claims management applications for insurance employees.

The story

User research

Both policy management and claims involve complex processes that target different types of users such as customers, call center employees and underwriters. To keep a user centered perspective I helped create a set of personas and their journeys at different moments in time.

SAP personas SAP journey

Process and system analysis

Together with a business analist I analysed the processes and back-end systems. We mapped them in a visual way to facilitate conversation between system and process architects and business stakeholders.

SAP diagrams


Based on the thorough analysis I designed navigation flows and wireframes using and extending the SAP Fiori design guidelines and components. In recurrent stakeholders sessions with Korean business stakeholders, some in person and some by phone or skype, I presented different phases of the design and retrieved their feedback.

Since wireframes and other visualisations trigger more feedback than diagrams and models we made sure to keep iterating on both analysis as well as design.

SAP component


Together with a business analist who was very proficient in Axure and a junior UX designer I helped implement a prototype in Axure to validate the complex navigation. Since the prototype consisted of many states we carefully crafted components and templates and reused them throughout.

SAP components

Guide implementation

The design process was iterative and each sub process was implemented by a development team based in Ireland. Our design team guided the development by finetuning the design when gaps or obstacles were found.

SAP designscrum