UX / Interaction designer ∙ 1 year

Product Design System & Products for payroll professionals

Create, enhance and apply a product design system to design the best possible user experience for new and existing products for payroll professionals.

Worked with

  • Product Manager UX
  • Programme Manager & Program Manager Belgium Market
  • Product Owners
  • Customer stakeholders
  • Business analysts
  • Product designers and visual designers
  • Several development teams in The Netherlands and in Spain


  • Personas
  • Service ecosystems
  • Stakeholder workshops
  • Prototyping in UXPin
  • Usability testing
  • Specifications and documentation in Confluence


Concept design and detail design for a new product, redesign for an existing product, new components and guidelines in the UI library, a stronger Product Design team.

The story

Concept design

For a new product for the Belgium market we ran several workshops to clarify the requirements of the customer stakeholders and to give clear direction for the development team. The main outcome of the workshops was a concept design created as a UXPin prototype and maintained throughout the following development sprints. To explore and understand the possible flaws of the concept design, we tested the prototype on usability. Even though the participants were members of an internal soundboard instead of actual future users, the results helped us prioritise design improvements.

Product Design guidelines & UI library

The concept design reflected the Raet Product Design guidelines and helped extend those guidelines where necessary. As Product Design team we documented all guidelines in Confluence and used them during implementation. Also, during the development sprints as scrum team we produced new components for the UI Library together with documentation.

Detail design

Detail designs were delivered upfront as part of the user stories. At the same time it was necessary to guide small on-the-fly design changes during the development sprints.

Product Design team

The Product Design team, situated in both The Netherlands and Spain and responsible for aligning the product design across the many applications of Raet, required a lot of remote work and synchronisation. Shaping the Product Design team meant aligning fast and often via Slack or Skype, guiding alignment sessions and documenting decisions.