UX / Interaction designer & Lead for business customer projects ∙ 1 year and 8 months

Online banking

Optimize online banking and related applications with focus on business customers.

Worked with

Team User Experience & Design + Usability Research.


  • Workshops with stakeholders
  • Persona design
  • Customer journey design
  • Wireframe design in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
  • Prototyping in html
  • Css and javascript
  • Informal usability tests
  • Apply and extend styleguide components


New online services for ING online banking, designs for new online services, more widespread use of the pattern and component library.

The story

User research

My primary focus was on business customers. I helped the stakeholders focus on this target group by extending personas with data from several sources such as marketing intelligence. I also lead several workshops with business stakeholders to create new personas and customer journeys. These helped create shared knowledge of the target group, as well as shared goals and starting points.

ING workshop

Concept visualisations

During a two-week business discovery sprint for new and improved online banking services for business customers I contributed visualisations of the core features.

ING concept

Detail design

Within online banking I created detailed designs and specifications for more than 10 features, each developed with different business stakeholders and development teams. These included features for loan inquiry, creditcard inquiry, cash deposits crediting, upload documents, authorisation management, authentication and linking accounting software.

Because I supported several business stakeholders and scrum teams at the same time, it was challenging to keep focus on the separate features. By careful time-management and time-boxing I was able to complete each project. By alternating between creating customer journeys and detailed specifications I managed to strike a balance between discovering possible future services with improving current services.

ING specifications

Prototyping for user testing

Most features were tested with users and for that I created interactive prototypes using html, css and javascript. I made use of external and internal component libraries and frameworks for that, such as jquery, bootstrap and the ING Guide.

ING prototype code

Extending the ING component and pattern library

ING developed a styleguide for interface patterns and components. I helped extend this styleguide and used it for making html prototypes. Since the components were new for the development scrum teams I helped them use it.

Expert evaluations

For two internal applications for bank employees I performed expert evaluations to help improve usability. For these evaluations I applied the heuristic evaluation method developed by Nielsen.

Final results

Some projects were handed-over to me and I carried through the design and implementation support, some project designs I had to hand-over myself, and some projects, my favorites, I was able to join at the start and the completion. The component and pattern library as well as the disciplined UX team organisation and processes allowed us designers to do the hand-overs smoothly.

ING result
ING result
ING result